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There is hope for people suffering from diabetes.

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If you had more energy…

What would your life be like?

How would your family benefit?

What would be the impact on your Tribe?

The Treatment

Helping restore energy and health — naturally.


How it Works.

Diabetes is breakdown of a person’s metabolic system – a process that turns food into the energy your cells need to be healthy. The core problem of diabetes is not blood sugar; the core problem is metabolizing that sugar.

The treatment simulates the natural signal that a healthy pancreas sends to the liver.  This helps restore the normal function of your metabolic system, so your food is processed properly.

Each treatment takes 2-3 hours.

Our trained medical staff begins each treatment by consulting with the patient, including measuring their vital signs.  The clinician then starts an intravenous line to introduce a pancreas-like pulsed secretion of insulin using a small specialized pump. Patients are carefully monitored throughout their visit.

At the conclusion of the treatment, a final consultation session is held and post-treatment goals are discussed. 

During the 2 - 3 hour treatment, patients can walk around the Wellness Center, read a magazine, use their laptop or chat with other patients. They can also bring a friend or family member to their treatment session.

To begin treatment, patients are not required to change their lifestyle or diet; however, our patients find the benefits they feel empowers them to choose healthier steps in their lives — because they want to.

Who benefits?

Do you know someone who suffers from low energy, foot pain, poor eyesight or uncontrollable blood sugar? For years pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals have offered pills, tonics, exercises and lectures to diabetics. Now there is a better choice.

After just a few treatments, most patients experience more energy, better sensations, clearer thinking, and a brighter outlook on life.  Patients with more serious complications will often see such complications reverse themselves.


reported improved neuropathy



reported hba1c reduction



reduced medications


Our Mission


We serve Native American and First Nations Tribes.

Within Indian Country, First Americans Health restores health and vitality for people living with diabetes and metabolic disorders. We serve Native American and First Nations tribal members, their families and employees through research, treatment, education and support. We offer safe and natural diabetes therapy in a respectful setting that is convenient for tribal members and their families. 

In association with Tribal leaders, First Americans Health has assembled a group of medical, scientific and policy  experts to develop treatments and therapies that will help Native People to live more fulfilling lives while managing their diabetes.

We are a committed team of experienced professionals focused on bringing the best treatment solutions for metabolic conditions to Indian Country in order to support the entire body and positively influence lifestyle.

We work with individual tribes to co-develop a relationship that addresses the patients’ needs, while also specifically supporting the Tribe’s health plan model.


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